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IGF-1 1mg

Insulin-like Growth Factor LR3 (IGF-1)

IGF-1 (Long R3 IGF-1) Dose:
Light: 25 mcg
Common: 50 mcg
Large: 100 mcg

IGF-1 is administered for one month, give or take a week.
Insulin-like Growth Factor (Long-R3 IGF-1), an 83 amino acid analog of IGF-1 is a highly anabolic hormone released primarily in the liver with the stimulus of growth hormone (HGH).

IGF-1 is the most potent growth factor found in the body and causes muscle cell hyperplasisa.
Freeze dried (lyophilized) IGF-1 (in powder state) should be stored in the freezer (-18 degrees celsius).
Example Long r3 IGF-1 kit contains:
1000mcg of lyophilized (freeze dried) Long R3 IGF-1
2 mls of 0.6% Acetic Acid (AA)
30ml Sodium Chloride (NaCL) as buffer
Dilute the IGF-1 peptide with 2mls of Acetic Acid (.6%). Assuming (*DO NOT ASSUME*) Acetic Acid (AA) will yield the correct pH balance of your research peptide.
Note: This creates a concentration of 500mcg/ml. So each 1/10 of a ML is 50mcg’s.

Draw the desired amount of IGF in to a syringe. Desired amount should be the approx dosage wanted.
Example- 2mls AA used to reconstitute IGF-1 1mg vial means 5 units on a U100 insulin syringe would equal 25mcg IGF-1 LR3
Pre-load your syringes at 5iu (25mcg IGF-1). Divide your IGF-1 into 40 syringes for storage in the freezer.
Thaw prior to administration. Draw from your NaCL after thawed to buffer (.5ml is enough).

Unknown whether injecting IGF-1 to increase muscle growth is efficacious. Many believe in the value of this powerful growth factor. Question currently is whether IGF-1 is effective when not manufactured by the tissues themselves.
It is possible to go into hypoglycemia fro IGF-1 supplementation. Effect is dose dependant.

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